Oncocrine surgery

Endocrine surgery is a surgical sub-speciality focusing on surgery of the endocrine glands, including the thyroid gland, the parathyroid glands, the adrenal glands, glands of the endocrine pancreas, and some neuroendocrine glands.

Benign endocrine diseases such as multinodular goitre, Graves disease and primary hyperparathyroidism or pheochromocytoma  have, when well treated, in general good outcomes with minimal comorbidity.

In Oncocrine surgery , endocrine malignancies such as thyroid cancer have the reputation to behave rather indolent and are often correlated with a good prognosis. However, this is also where the challenge is. These patients live long and have to deal with the consequences of their treatment for a long time. Overtreatment and comorbidity can influence quality of life in a negative way. Therefore, patient tailored medicine is the keyword in this spectrum of disease.

This is where OMIG plays a crucial role now and in the future; Intraoperative patient tailored medicine.

The T REX project will intraoperatively select those thyroid cancer patients that need aggressive treatment. But maybe more  importantly,  the study will identify patients for whom an unnecessary treatment can be omitted.

In the end what are we curing if there is little quality remaining ?