• 13 DEC 17
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    New clinical trial started: collaboration between OMIG/UMCG-EMI-LUMC

    New clinical trial started: collaboration between OMIG/UMCG-EMI-LUMC

    Recently we started a phase II-b multicenter study that aims to further characterize the performance of EMI-137, a fluorescent compound targeting c-Met, for detection of dysplastic colorectal polyps during colonoscopy. In this study, patients with a high suspicion of colorectal cancer (CRC) that are scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy will be enrolled. Study patients will be randomized to undergo fluorescence molecular endoscopy or standard high-definition white-light endoscopy first. Within this study, a sub-study is being performed in which the optimal time interval between dosing and colonoscopy is being explored.


    The study is being conducted by the Centre for Human Drug Research in Leiden and sponsored by Edinburgh Molecular Imaging (EM Imaging). Participating study centers are the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC, prof. dr. James Hardwick) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG, dr. Wouter Nagengast). The study is now active and recruiting.

    The official title of the study is: ‘A Phase IIb, Open Label Study for the Detection of Dysplastic Colorectal Polyps during Colonoscopy after EMI-137 Injection in Patients with High Suspicion of Colorectal Cancer.’

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