• New clinical trial started: collaboration between OMIG/UMCG-EMI-LUMC

      New clinical trial started: collaboration between OMIG/UMCG-EMI-LUMC

      Recently we started a phase II-b multicenter study that aims to further characterize the performance of EMI-137, a fluorescent compound targeting c-Met, for detection of dysplastic colorectal polyps during colonoscopy. In this study, patients with a high suspicion of colorectal cancer (CRC) that are scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy will be enrolled. Study patients willRead more →

    • PhD defense Elmire Hartmans

      PhD defense Elmire Hartmans

      Wednesday November 29th Elmire Hartmans successfully defended her PhD thesis and subsequently got her PhD degree. Congratulations!Read more →

    • Publication of manuscript in Journal of Nuclear Medicine

      The collaboration with Rudolf Fehrmann has led to a publication in Journal of Nuclear Medicine. We used functional genomic mRNA profiling to identify novel targets for theranostic approaches in pancreatic cancer. The manuscript can be viewed here:    Data driven prioritization and review of targets for molecular based theranostic approaches in pancreatic cancer. Koller M, Hartmans E,Read more →

    • Bracco Imaging Acquires SurgVision

      Bracco Imaging Acquires SurgVision

      We would like to congratulate SurgVision on the acquisition by Bracco Imaging, a leading global company in diagnostic imaging. With the commitment from Bracco, SurgVision is allowed to continue developing intraoperative fluorescence guided surgery that delivers on the potential of important clinical benefits for patients. The announcements can be read in English or in Dutch  Read more →

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