• Oral presentations EAES international congress

      Thursday june 16th Wouter Nagengast and Niels Harlaar presented about our studies at the international congress of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery. Niels gave an overview presentation about intraoperative imaging: seeing the invisible. Wouter gave an overview about molecular fluorescence endoscopy for detection and treatment follow up of gastrointestinal diseases More information can beRead more →

    • Doctoral Degree Esther de Boer

      Doctoral Degree Esther de Boer

      Today Esther de Boer obtained her Doctoral Degree by a successful defense of her PhD thesis at the University of Groningen. Congratulations to Esther and also to her (co-)promotors Eben Rosenthal (Stanford, USA) and Go van Dam. Go and Esther organized a very interesting symposium with presentations of world-changing thinkers and innovators in the area of fluorescence guided imagingRead more →

    • Digestive Disease Week 2016

      Oral presentations at the Digestive Disease Week 2016 in San Diego (USA) were given by Wouter Nagengast and Elmire Hartmans. Wouter presented about the Fluo-FAP study, and Elmire about the VICE studyRead more →

    • Abstracts accepted for WMIC 2016

      Two abstracts are accepted for the World Molecular Imaging Conference 2016. the abstract of the VICE study was accepted for an oral presentation and the CD44 for an poster presentation. Both abstracts will be presented by Elmire Hartmans.Read more →

    Our Team

    • Gooitzen van Dam
      Principal Investigator

    • Wouter Nagengast
      Principal Investigator

    • Max Witjes
      Principal Investigator

    • Schelto Kruijff
      Principal Investigator